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Also updated the atlas maps around Helium based on a recent paper I did for Erbzine.

by: Rick Johnson
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There is a story, I donít know how true, about a reader of Treasure Island doing what I and so many others do. He drew a map of Treasure Island while reading the book. He then wrote to the author insisting that the descriptions and directions in the book made no sense. Stevenson reread the book and realized that the reader was correct so he drew his own map, and rewrote passages to make the continuity flow better.

Has anyone not read the works of the masters Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert Erwin Howard and NOT wished that they could see those places?
Well, this is NOT the first place to go. Rather, this site is simply a supplement to the works of the giants that you should peruse and return here only after visiting and digesting the links below.
Many of these maps are my own creations and will often link to other sites. All of these I have in two versions, black-and-white and colorized. The ones I place here are dependent on my mood.

Whenever I attribute a map "by" a certain author, it means that this map was scanned in from the original. It may have been blown up for details or clarity.
When I attribute a map "from" a certain author, it means the map was redrawn from the original to make it more clear and to add details missing from the original. Possibly by me.
If I donít attribute a map, it simply means I donít know who drew it. Please enlighten me.
To avoid the eternity of downloading stuff you donít want to see, there are no actual maps on this page. Click on the link for the map you wish and it will open or send you to a place where the map exists. I do this because I can never get the thumbnail code to work and because there are 16 pages of html-code here. Add the maps to this page and it will take forever to load.

Due to size limitations, I have been forced to transfer a bunch of these maps to other sites. What remains here are maps concerning on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and my own writings because I do a lot of fanfic. See the links below for the rest of my maps.

So read on and feel free to comment, correct my mistakes and submit maps of your own. Also if you are a writer, PLEASE let me know where you think someplace is located.

The Barsoom of Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Caspak of Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Lost Cities of Edgar Rice Burroughs Page

The Odd Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Pal-ul-Don Page


The Maps of the Hyborian world of Conan by Robert Erwin Howard Page

The Maps from Famous Literature, history and places not so famous

The Maps of Rick Johnsonís Fiction Page

NOT by Me but worththe visit:
Fuck Yeah, Fictional Maps .

Added a paper by Jeff Dee on Exum tothe Useful Papers section.
Created a Website for Hyboria and another for Literary Maps. See the personal links.

Abner Perryís ERB Atlas - THE first place to go for maps of the Burroughs Universe. Recreated at ErbZine after the unfortunate death of Mr Wood.
Bill Hillmanís ERB-Zine. THE place to go for anything dealing with Edgar Rice Burroughs.
A Cartographic Study of Barsoom by Bill Hillman. A wonderful collection of Maps of Barsoom.
Tangors ERB List A lot of fan-fic but also a lot of Glossaries and similar important papers.

These are some of the most important books for reference.
An Atlas of Fantasy by J. B. Post , 1973
Realms of Fantasy by Malcolm Edwards & Robert Holdstock, 1983
The Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel & Gianna Guadalupi

The Secret of Exum by Jeff Dee. This is a PDF file. Added 7 June, 2011
Mapping Mars: Can it be Done? by Rick Johnson
Mapping Mars; Compromises by Rick Johnson
Mapping Mars: the Past by Rick Johnson
Welcome to Dor by Rick Johnson
Opar by Rick Johnson

Matching Mars; the Lost Canals of Percival Lowell by Den Vladrom
The Real Primeval Mars by Den Valdron
Geographers of Mars I: Matching Mars and Barsoom: a new approach by Den Valdron
Geographers of Mars II the Difficulties of Non-Natural Landmarks by Den Valdron
Matching Mars III: the Polar Regions by Den Valdron

To contact me or to request topics to be covered, send to RikJohnson39@gmail.com
by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

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